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Best Turf Types for Penrith NSW climate

At the foot of the Blue Mountains, Penrith is known for its mountain views, world class parks and quieter suburban layout when compared to the busier suburbs closer to Sydney’s CBD. From the many new development projects underway, to more quiet suburbs on the outskirts, no Penrith lawn is the same.

With climate conditions varying from hot and humid to wet and cold throughout the year, there are many suitable kinds of grass to choose from. Penrith’s climate is classified as humid and subtropical, with noticeable difference from Sydney. Penrith boasts hot summers and cool winters.

There are many great varieties of turf that suit Penrith and surrounding regions.

Zoysia turf types like Empire Zoysia™ and Nara Native Zoysia™ are attractive, drought and wear tolerant grasses that are still new and unique to NSW yards and landscapes.

If you’re looking for a Buffalo Grass – Prestige® BuffaloSapphire® Buffalo and Palmetto® Buffalo are comfortable, convenient and easy to maintain, an ideal choice for Penrith and NSW’s backyards.

Kikuyu grass such as Kenda® love a warmer climate and thrive in full sun, making them an ideal fit for Penrith homes.

Factors to consider when choosing a lawn type

Just because you and your neighbour both live in Penrith does not mean you will choose the same turf for your lawn. With variables like children and pets, shade conditions, proximity to beaches and your personal maintenance requirement preferences all coming into play when finding the right turf type for your Penrith home.

There are many variables that make your lawn unique. How do you choose the right one for your home? Below are some questions to consider when choosing a new lawn in Penrith.

Start by asking the above questions to identify the key features you require in a lawn. If you are still unsure, make sure to check out our choosing your turf guides & articles.