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Looking for a turf supplier in Mildura? myhomeTURF has a wide network of turf suppliers who will deliver direct to your door. Many also offer additional services such as preparation, delivery and installation.

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Best turf types for Mildura climate

Varieties available in Mildura

Wondering what is the best lawn for Mildura?  Having a semi-arid climate classification, this area has hot summers with cool winters. It is blessed with plenty of sunshine but can lend itself to being on the dry side with only 282 mm on average rainfall per year.

Varieties of turf that suit Mildura and surrounding regions.

If you’re looking for a Buffalo Grass – Palmetto® Buffalo has high shade tolerance, low maintenance and holds it winter colour well.


Factors to consider when choosing a lawn type

There are many variables that make your lawn unique. How do you choose the right one for your home? Below are some questions to consider when choosing a new lawn in Mildura.