Primo Maxx 1L

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Primo Maxx 1L is one of the most trusted Growth Regulators that reduce leaf and stem growth to aid lawn growth management. Primo Maxx 1L also promotes greener, denser, more resilient lawns with less growth. With the active ingredient of Trinexapac-ethyl (120 g/L), Primo Maxx 1L is suitable for use on Kikuyu, Couch, Buffalo grasses.

The application rate of Primo Maxx 1L is 10-20mL/100sqm.



Primo Maxx 1L is a superior Growth Regulator that promotes a greener, denser, more resilient lawn with less growth, fewer clippings and therefore less expensive maintenance. With the active ingredient of Trinexapac-ethyl (120 g/L), Primo Maxx 1L is suitable for use on Kikuyu, Couch, Buffalo grasses.

Primo Maxx 1L also pre-conditions lawns for stress and optimises surface quality and colour. 

Primo Maxx 1L should be applied to actively growing lawn, at least 6 hours before or after mowing at a rate of 10-20mL/100sqm.

Application of Primo Maxx 1L is done using spray equipment with a suitable flat fan nozzle. Please adhere to wearing appropriate PPE gear when applying.

Application rates will need to be adjusted to match growing conditions, management practices and the amount of growth regulation required. Repeat applications can be made as soon as the lawn resumes growth or more suppression is required.

Areas treated with Primo Maxx 1L should continue to receive regular maintenance practices, including watering, fertilisation, and weed, disease and insect control, when necessary, as recommended for a quality lawn.

Features and Benefits

  • The recommended use rates are designed to give approximately a 20% to 50% reduction in clippings over a 2-to-6-week period.
  • Full growth regulation by Primo Maxx 1L begins about 3 to 5 days after application.
  • Minimum odour.

Please note

  • Good mowing management leading up to application is required to achieve a good quality lawn surface and to obtain the best results.
  • Do not apply to lawn recovering from wear, disease, waterlogging or other stresses.
  • Do not use where growth regulator effects are likely following the application of a fungicide or other product.
  • Do not apply to lawn going in or coming out of dormancy.
  • Do not apply if rainfall is expected within 1 hour.
  • Do not water lawn for at least 1 hour after application.
  • Ensure even application of product onto the leaves and into the crowns.

*Please note all prices include GST.

*As with all lawn products please read the label on Primo Maxx 1L first before applying.

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