Soil Wetting Agents

As a guide, soil wetter for lawns can be used as regularly as you want and / or need. Lawn wetting agents are a must-have in your lawn care routine and assist the flow of water throughout your soil, making lawns much healthier.
Soil wetting agents are normally applied in October, January and April as you are helping the lawn survive through the warmer season and then setting it up for the cooler months of Winter.
Our wetting agents are perfect for applying to Blue Couch, Green Couch, Zoysia and Buffalo grass.   

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Wide Range of Soil Wetting Agents

myhomeTURF Soil Wetting Agents open the soil up to better water absorption and are ideally suited where watering is restricted. myhomeTURF Soil Wetting Agents also have outstanding retention and much improved uniformity.

We recommend using myhomeTURF’s Soil Wetting Agents when laying a new lawn, during long dry spells or when watering is restricted.

Soil Wetting Agents Safe for use on Buffalo, Couch, Zoysia and Kikuyu turf

There is a wide selection of myhomeTURF Soil Wetting Agents that are suited for your particular lawn, whether it be Buffalo, Couch, Zoysia and Kikuyu grasses.

For our liquid Soil Wetting Agents, we recommend a hose attached bottle product that you simply attach it to your hose and water the product into lawn.

myhomeTURF recommends applying your Soil Wetting Agent during October, January and April when times are dry and prior to the cooler winter months.

Unsure what Soil Wetting Agent you need?

myhomeTURF highly recommends using a Soil Wetting Agent when you lay new turf or prior to going into summer when prolonged dry conditions may prevail. Most of myhomeTURF’s Soil Wetting Agents are suitable for all lawns but we do always suggest referring to the label prior to use. Want more information, then read our guide on why and how to use Soil Wetting Agents.