Cylinder lawn mower heights for Buffalo grass

Cylinder Lawn Mowers provide a wonderful finish to our lawns.

That beautiful flat finish that we see on bowling greens is due to their lawns being mowed with a Cylinder Lawn Mower, and today, many homeowners are choosing Cylinder Mowers for that very reason.

However, if you’re choosing to purchase a new Cylinder Mower for use on your lawn, then there is one special consideration that will need to be kept in mind for the Buffalo grass type.

Cylinder Lawn Mower Considerations for Buffalo Grass

Cylinder Lawn Mower on Buffalo Grass

Buffalo Lawn Mowing Heights

There is only one consideration when using a Cylinder Lawn Mower on Buffalo lawns, and that is lawn mowing heights. Buffalo grass should only ever be cut at heights between 35-65mm to remain in optimum condition.


Cutting Heights are Higher for Buffalo Lawns

This contrasts with other lawn types like Couch which is cut with Cylinder Mowers at heights of around 12mm. These low heights should never be used on Buffalo grasses like Sapphire, Prestige or Palmetto as they promote poor lawn health, risk of invasion by disease and weeds, and will keep a Buffalo lawn looking a pale green colour.

The most common mistake owners of Soft Buffalo lawns make when using a Cylinder Mower is to try and achieve the ‘bowling green’ look of a very low-cut lawn.

And Buffalo Grass is just not designed to be kept at these heights.

Buffalo lawns should always be kept at higher lawn mowing heights and should always sport a lovely long green leaf.

Raise Cylinder Lawn Mowing Heights for Buffalo Grass

Buffalo GrassBuffalo lawns really do look stunning when they are cut with Cylinder Lawn Mowers.

To keep a Buffalo lawn in its peak condition when using a Cylinder Lawn Mower, raise the cutting height of the machine to between 35-65mm, leaving the grass with a longer leaf blade.

Modern Cylinder Lawn Mower manufacturers all have easy fingertip height adjustment, which can raise or lower the cutting height of the mower in less than two seconds by simply turning a knob.

These mowers would be a good choice to keep a Buffalo lawn at its optimum height while producing the stunning finish which only a Cylinder Lawn Mower can produce.

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